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Gasification of Biomass and Waste
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Die Veranstalter sind FEE, MCI und IEA Bioenergy Task 33.

Die Konferenz wird heuer nur in Deutscher Sprache abgehalten.

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Gasification is a technology that is widely applied for the production of heat and power. Many developments focus on utilizing low-quality feedstock in order to improve business cases, as well as providing solutions for emerging problems. Waste (biogenic) is a major global challenge today, especially waste containing plastic. As incineration and land-filling becomes more and more unpopular, gasification is gaining momentum and the number of solution providers in this area is growing. Furthermore, waste gasification is more complex than using clean biomass, and therefore requires new R&D.

This workshop will give companies an opportunity to present their solutions and explain what makes the market work for them. There will also be a number of presentations on recent and required efforts in R&D.